Meet Her Holiness Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji



Who is Her Holiness Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji?


Everyone will tell you about Her Holiness the way they’ve understood Her. You may find many different answers. But something that will be common with everyone will be that She is a person who knows all answers. She is unique, the only person in the world that will give the answer to any question you give Her in any spectrum and She’ll always have the true answer.


Her Holiness is a true Saint, an Angel come to Earth as the epitome of selfless giving. Helping others is always Her first priority before Herself. She was gifted from birth the capability to alter, shift, and transform energies. That’s why just being in Her presence you will go into peace immediately.


When you connect to Her Holiness in honesty and respect, and if the call is coming from your heart, you will get a response. Very soon Divine Bliss International will be launching Guruji to the world!


Her Holiness’ early students out of respect, as you can’t keep calling her Saint, started addressing Her Holiness as “Guruji.” That tradition has continued to today. In reality you can call her by any name, whatever your heart feels. Some call her Mother, some call her Divine Mother, whatever is in the flow of your heart. Om


GU meaning the dispeller of darkness and RU meaning the giver of light. JI is a form of respect.