I lived an unfulfilling life…

Over the last 4 years, Guruji has taught me the benefits of selflessness.  Before I met Her, I lived an unfulfilling life, mainly focused on myself and my own needs.  At that time it seemed how to live life, but in reality it gave me nothing.

Since I met Guruji, my focus in life has changed completely.  Gradually, I dedicated my life to serving Her and learned the worth of putting my focus on another person instead of myself.  She taught me the benefits that occur by being selfless, by thinking of another person instead of thinking of myself.  I felt the joy one experiences by doing this, and it is a joy I never experienced before.

I am forever grateful to Her for opening this path in my life and for teaching me how to walk on it.

– Tom Cooreman


I feel much calmer and at ease with my own self…

Guruji blessed me with an opportunity to serve Her Holiness for three years at Her ashram, and has taught me how every little thing in my life mirrors my own energies, my own thoughts, and my own battle within me. I have applied this divine understanding to my own personal and professional life, which has assisted me to complete my daily tasks much more smoothly and effortlessly. I feel much calmer and at ease with my own self, with everything around me, and this is all through Guruji’s divine grace. Om.

– Durgauti Pandey

Like everybody else in this world, I was looking for happiness and peace…

I am so grateful to Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji for showing me that the true purpose of human life is to give. Through Her Holiness, I’ve learned that the more I give, the more I receive – with anybody and everybody in my life. The opportunity I have been given to serve a True Saint of Light is the greatest gift a human being can receive.

Like everybody else in this world, I was looking for happiness and peace, yet I found none of it after accumulating all the material desires that I wanted. Only through Guruji, I understood that I was looking in the wrong places, and this has changed the purpose of my life. Guruji taught me the value of focus on selfless service. The more I committed to serving Her Holiness at the ashram, the more I felt my own personally challenges and limitations that seemed like unsurmountable mountains just melt away. In the the world of selfish darkness, Guruji is an oasis of light, unconditional love, and compassion. I am forever grateful that Guruji has shown me my true purpose in life. Om.

– Yogesh Arora

I was given the opportunity to serve at the altar…

During the short time I was allowed to stay at Guruji’s Ashram, I was given the opportunity to serve at the altar, offering fresh spring water to our divine lineage of Gurus and Saints every day. That filled me with joy and a deep adoration for our Guru, Param Guru’s and Saints… It filled my heart with gratitude and joy no words can describe! I’ve been blessed beyond words, for Guruji re-connected each of us, not only me with the Divine Light, and gave me the opportunity to serve at the ashram.
– Andreas Nauser 

Life begins to feel like a fresh, renewing brand new spring…

I’ve been grateful to receive the opportunity to facilitate the weekly Self-Realization class with Guruji.  Doing so has helped me quickly identify and release my psychological limitations, leading to a more harmonious life and unlocking the wonderful bliss available within to each of us.  The speed of this unfolding was astounding – one can only feel grateful and humble, as life begins to feel like a fresh, renewing, brand new spring in every moment.
– Rohan Belliappa

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to humbly serve in Guruji’s selfless mission!

Thank you, Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji for expanding my vision to see beyond my own limitations.  Through so many  awe inspiring experiences, I know that Guruji hold the keys to the joyful home I have been searching for all my life. I have the absolute trust that Her Holiness has the unique capacity to lead the way for me to truly live from the light within me, my eternal home.

Guruji has given me so much! I am truly grateful for the opportunity to humbly serve in Her selfless mission to elevate and shift the world consciousness through Divine Bliss International.  Om.

– Rebecca Bigari

A True Master is always giving! It is in their Divine nature to bless all that are in Her presence. The question is: How do we honor these constant transformations and receivings?



The answer is, pictures tell a thousand words! These are stories of those whose lives have transformed completely as they share their experience of serving Her Holiness Guruji Sri Sri Poonamji in selfless devotion.


When one sheds away their ‘self’ish desires completely to be in service of a True Saint, the angels of light sees their devotion and allow these lives to be a conduit to the energies of the Heaven. Whether it is your time and energy or resources, the work of a True Guru benefits all mankind.


In selfless service to a True Guru, one truly receives.





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